Active and sustainable tourism, with us in the Sinis, Montiferru Marmilla. Our basesin Cabras and Capo Mannu.

The Marine Reserve of Sinis Mal di Ventre

Situated in the middle of the west coast of Sardinia, the Sinis Peninsula is one of the most attractive, exotic and colourful places to visit in Sardinia. The Marine Reserve of Sinis – Mal di Ventre is the largest of its kind in Italy. Its geomorphology, its flora and fauna are of huge interest to everyone passionate about the sea.

The Montiferru

The Montiferru is the northern part of the Province of Oristano and is interesting for its pristine nature, the steep rough coastline, oak forests for marvellous walks and the mountain villages of Cuglieri, Santu Lussurgiu and Seneghe, that are all rich on traditions and flavours of the authentic Sardinia.


The Marmilla

The Marmilla is the southern part of the Province of Oristano. It is hilly and dotted with small authentic villages like Siddi, Tuili and Baradili, and featured by the plateau of the Giara di Gesturi where we will go to look for the horses that roam freely and to taste the delicious foods suggested by new entrepreneurs marketing an excellent cuisine.