Excursions at sea


Flippers, mask and snorkel to swim in shoals of coloured fish, forests of sea grass, and unexplored sea floors. It’s also possible to snorkelin the breaks during the sailing tours or the tours in the RIB boat.


Balancing on the crystal-clear waters among gorgeous rocks in the sunshine, you can discover small bays and hidden caves and steep cliffs: the whole energy of the sea in one stroke of the paddle.

The modern SUP boards for beginners are very stable and make it possible to get going and have good fun with this sport fast. In less than an hour, you’ll be able to paddle and sail by yourself, so that you can follow us in unforgettable tours.

It’s also possible to snorkel in the breaks during the sailing lessons or the tours in the RIB boat.

Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurfing

An intense and exciting experience: tame the most beautiful waves of the Mediterranean on a surf board.

The Sinis coast and the area around Capo Manu are today some of the most coveted spots of the Mediterranean due to the variety of the surf spots, the constant and fresh thermic summer wind, the huge autumn and winter swells, the unique setting, and, last but not least, due to the absence of mass tourism. In collaboration with the local schools and qualified organisations, our experience and professionalism will allow you to get acquainted with the various disciplines whether you are a beginner or want to improve your existing skills.

Please ask us for more information and we will advise you on the best schools for wave riding, windsurf and kitesurfing in the area,in basic, advanced and expert courses.

RIB boat

RIB boat BWA 7.4 m, 24 passengers, Suzuki 175 hp.

The RIB boat is also available for excursions combined with snorkelling, SUP and mountain bike.

RIB boat and …SUP / Snorkelling / Mountain Bike

The Marine Reserve of Sinis-Mal di Ventre:based on many years of experience we have created excursions inside the Marine Reserve that will enable you to discover the most interesting natural, historical and cultural aspects of this part of the coast.

Choose your excursion and book it either via email or by phone. Departure is at 9.30 am from the beach of Putzu Idu, the pavilion of Naturawentura. Return by 1 or 4 pm.


The mystery island

The island of mal di ventre: day trips to the island where our guide will lead you on a short hike to see the most interesting historical and natural aspects of a truly unique environment. For those of you who are crazy about water and the seabed it is possible to go on snorkelling excursions to follow the bottom of the sea to the old wreck that went down close to the rock of the old light house.

The course of coral

Capo Mannu/Is Arenas:this half-day trip will take you on a discovery of the impressive promontory of Capo Mannu with its particular geomorphology, the splendid bay of Sa Mesa Longa, the tower of Is Benas and the beach of Is Arutas. It is possible to combine this with a snorkelling experience in discovery of the flora and fauna that are typical for the seabed of the Mediterranean. It is also possible to go back on mountain bike along the dirt roads that will take you past the old sighting towers from the Spanish period and along the salt lake of Is Benas and Sale Porcus that are often full of flamingos and other waders

Rice lookalike sand

Su Tingiosu/Is Arutas: this half-day trip will take you from the bay of Mandriola on a discovery of the fascinating cliffs that are part of the Marine Reserve Sinis – Mal di Ventre. Going further south, we enter the municipality of Cabras where we will go along the unique and beautiful white quartz beaches of Is Arutas and Maimoni. After a stop to go swimming or snorkelling, we continue until we reach the Natural Reserve of Seu on its promontory before we return home. Should anybody wish so, it is possible to return by mountain bike. This way you can enjoy all the interesting aspects of the coastal zone by following the dirt roads that will take you along the coast and past the Natural Reserve of Sale Porcus, defined as one of the most important wetlands of Europe due to its richness in birds.