In order for you to have a really special day, we have made it possible to combine hiking with mountain bike or to come back by RIB boat or sailing boat, or why not stay a few more hours to enjoy some grilled fish in the fishermen’s sedge hut on the beach?

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Walking amidst intense perfumes and colours: the green of the Mediterranean shrubs, the blue of the sea, and the yellow of the sandstone that safeguards the ancient history of our ancestors.

Mountain bike

Pedal on paths along the pristine coast, steep cliffs and white sands, breathe in the sea breeze, explore the hills of the Sinis, the Nuraghi and the plain of the Giants with the hypnotising look. New mountain bikes made in the USA. Lee Cougan, suspended and with alloy frames.


Cliffsand white sands – the Reserve of Seu

(difficulty: easy to medium, half day)

From 09.30 am to 1 pm. Easy coastal itinerary on dirt roads heading south, that in half a day will take you from the little port of Mandriola, along the wild and impressive cliffs of Su Tingiosu, past the typical sedge huts of the fishermen at Porto Suedda to the candid quartz beaches of Is Arutas. It will be possible to get to the Nature Reserve of Seu where you can visit the Park Centre. Return by mountain bike or, upon request, by Land Rover or sailing boat.


The lighthouse and the salt lakes

(difficulty: medium, half a day from 9 am to 1.30 pm.)

Leaving from Mandriola, in half a day you will get up to the lighthouse on top of the promontory of Capo Mannu, see fossilised sand dunes, take in fantastic views, see Spanish towers and enjoy the breath-taking panorama. The descent goes through Mediterranean shrubs to the cute bay of Sa Mesa Longa before we come to the salt lake of Sale Porcus to observe the flamingos, or ride on the dried-up crusts of the salt lake, depending on the time of year.

Land Rover Defender 110


Sinis Discovery: 4WD

A tour along the coast of the Sinis Peninsula, rich on panoramic points, history, archaeology and astonishing nature. From Capo San Marco, through the cute village of San Giovanni we drive on dirt roads until we get to the Nature Reserve of Seu which is a good example of environmental conservation. We follow the white quartz beaches with grains coming from the granite island of Mal di Ventre, come past the old fishermen’s huts, the white cliffs that plunge into the sea at Su Tingiosu, until we get up onto the promontory of Capo Mannu which is a unique example of fossilised sand dunes in the whole of the Mediterranean. Our way back goes via the big Nature Reserve of Sale Porcus where it’s possible to observe the splendid pink flamingos.

Departure 9 am. Return 1 pm. Land Rover 110 defender, 8 passengers, air conditioned. Guide and transport (minimum 5 participants or exclusive tour)


The Montiferru Discovery

This unusual itinerary starts at the sea and winds its way upwards on tortuous gravel roads towards the hinterland, through typical mountain villages and with a stop at the spring of Elighes Artas, until we get to the volcanic peak of Montiferru at 1,050 metres above sea level. With a bit of luck, we’ll see one of the rare deer inside the protected repopulation area. The way down goes on an old shepherds’ track through the thick cork and stone oak forest with a lunch break and, if there is a wish for it, a stop at the old knife maker Mura in S. Lussurgiu.

Departure at 9 am, return at 1.30 pm. Or departure 3.30 pm, return 8 pm. Land Rover 110 defender, 8 passengers, air conditioned. Guide and transport (minimum 5 participants or exclusive tour)


OUTDOOR” – The Barbagia Discovery4WD –

Departure from Oliena. Along a winding panoramic track, we get to just below the top of Monte Corrasi, that is the highest peak of the Supramonte with its 1,463 metres. A short walk in a thicket of ancient stone oaks and a snack with local ricotta cheese and honey on the typical Carasau bread and a glass of the famous Cannonau wine from Oliena. Then we drive along the Cedrino river to get into the valley of Lanaitto where we visit the Nuraghic village of Sa Sedda e’ Sos Carros. With its unique water fountain, which was only recently discovered, it is one of the most ancient villages in the whole of the Mediterranean area. A few minutes’ walk away we get to the shepherds’ hut for a traditional lunch in the open based on local cold cuts, roasts and cheeses. In the afternoon, we will visit the karstic cave of Sa Oche and Su Bentu. Before we end our tour, we visit the spectacular spring of Su Gologone.

Departure 8 am, return 6 pm. Guide, transport, entrance fees to Sa Sedda e Sos Carros and Su Gologone, lunch (minimum 6 people or exclusive tour).

Photo Safari

Are you crazy about taking pictures or would you quite simply like to spoil yourself with a special experience? Armed with your camera we will drive along dirt roads in the Land Rover, make short hikes and find strategic spots, accompanied by the expert nature photographer, Giangi Chiesura, also an experienced guide, to capture the most beautiful pictures of the Sinis area. Upon our return, there will be a photo workshop and during the following special dinner there will be a show with comments of the photo material we have gathered and selected.

Simply being

Enjoy the lovely weather in the Sinis Peninsula, through activities at sea and excursions on the coast, getting to know the local habits and the people of area, resting in our sustainable houses, and in any way you wish, taking your time to relax.