Change the course: personal development, team building, awareness and well-being

Sailing boats, cuisine, strong nature, captivating activities and adventures, welcoming houses with important common areas: to develop group dynamics and to build the teams in the best way, accurately created and guided by us and Silvia Della Morte, psychologist, psychotherapist as well as expert in group management and dynamics.

Into the Wild Woman

Into the Wild Woman is a course created for women led by an expert from our team (psychotherapist and expert in group dynamics). The five days of all-women adventure aim at retrieving your personal internal harmony through energy from nature. A shared group experience in a “wild” environment where you as a woman can reconnect with your primitive self, uncontaminated and sensitive, through sailing and its metaphors, bio-energetic activities as well as input from the senses in the here and now towards an empowerment and a harmony of the self.

Fixed dates 2017: 2 – 6 / 9 – 13 June

Experience yourself

Experience yourself is a five-day course for men where the target is to experience your own personal and relationship capabilities in contact with your own limits and strengths. Through sailing, orienteering in the uncontaminated nature of the Sinis, you will be guided to a higher awareness in a full regaining of balance between strength and thoughtfulness

Team building for companies

Sailing boats have for many years been one of the main instruments to study and work with team building for managers and other members of staff due to the clear division of roles on-board and due to the necessity of a harmonic and synergic collaboration. Under the guidance of Silvia Della Morte, psychologist, psychotherapist and expert in group management and dynamics, we have combined this course with our other activities at sea, on land, and competences like cooking and photography, that will stimulate synergy and personal introspection. This unique combination will bring out the many sides of the personality of each group member, and thereby build the team in a fast and efficient way. Each person will become more aware of his own potential and prepare him for the best performance in working activities.


The program lasts 6 days and foresees the introduction to the practice of offshore sailing on two beautiful sailing boat steered by Daniela and Giangi, surf and stand up paddle sessions, Nordic walking and swimming. The patients learn to prepare the boat, to belay a rope, to turn a winch handle, to hoist and lower sails, to sheet them in and out, to tie and untie knots, to steer, to grasp a SUP (Stand up paddling) paddle or the Nordic walking sticks, to balance on the surf board lying flat or standing up. They also learn breathing techniques and practice yoga (on land). All the patients spend days outdoors in breathtaking landscapes, overhanging coastlines, deserted beaches, saltpans, sea and sky in all shades of blue. The patients’ dexterity, manual ability, sense of balance and concentration are continuously stimulated in problem solving situations, making them able to manage in sufficient autonomy sailing, SUP, hiking and above all themselves.